Why 360°?

Great Seafood Choices - Carefully selected by what really matters! 

Seafood is one of the most nutritious and sustainable protein sources. For many of us, however, making the right choices can be difficult. By addressing all aspects of a truly sustainable food product, our 360° Seafood Selection allows everyone to make the right choice!


Rightfully, we all expect seafood to be tasty and healthy! Our Swiss quality management team guarantees that all products are harvested and manufactured according to the highest standards!


Seafood is the most globalized food item today - creating income and economic returns for coastal communities and millions of people around the world. Our social policy ensures that fishermen, farmers, and factory workers can work under fair and safe conditions and generate adequate incomes. 


All human activity leaves its footprint on the environment. Our team of marine biologists identifies fishers and farmers that minimize impacts on aquatic ecosystems and that harvest seafood sustainably. We are also assessing the climate change impact of every origin - an important aspect of future food production. 


Traceability and transparency are key conditions for the 360° Seafood Selection! Correct and inclusive labelling allows our customers to make informed choices - and become drivers of change in our oceans!