Nothing to Hide 

As a fundamental component of our commitment to sustainable seafood, we share all the information about our products and their ingredients while our traceability systems guarantee the integrity of our global supply chains.

Seafood Traceability

Working with fishing communities, farmers and seafood suppliers in the countries of origin is the basis of our business. Knowing where and when the fish has been harvested is a key condition - not only for quality assurance, but for the management of fish stocks and the legal integrity of our supply chains. Our traceability system creates transparency for our customers and consumers.

Traceability PolicyTraceability Policy


We believe in the power of informed choices by consumers. People want to know where their food has been produced, how the fish was caught and where it has been processed and packed. Besides providing full transparency about the origin and ingredients of our products, our transparency policy also ensures the integrity of our supply chains from the fishing vessels and farms to the finally packed products.

Transparency PolicyTransparency Policy