Excellent Quality

Seafood Quality: Why Every Detail Matters

As highly perishable food items, fish and seafood must be treated with great care. Once harvested from our oceans, rivers and lakes, every detail matters!

Preserving Freshness 

Enough ice is key! Right after harvest, our fishermen and farmers preserve the quality of their catch by either chilling in ice or freezing on board the vessel. Keeping harvested products at temperatures below 2 °C is key for preserving freshness and maintaining high quality through our supply chains. Frozen products must be continuously stored below -20 °C until final preparation of products.

Freshness & Cool Chain PolicyFreshness & Cool Chain Policy

Health & Food Safety

Food safety is our highest concern: Our fish is not only sustainably sourced, but it must be safe to eat! For every new supplier, our quality assurance team assesses potential risks and defines effective food safety measures. We continously address the relevant aspects of food safety from harvest to packing of final products and monitor compliance with highest food safety standards. 

Food Safety PolicyFood Safety Policy

Culinary Pleasure

Our culinary team makes sure that our products are tasty and enjoyable! We believe in natural products and strive to provide you with seafood products preserved in their natural form, with no additives or chemical ingredients whenever possible. Along the process flow from harvest to final packed products, we optimize the handling of our seafood in order to best preserve its natural taste, coluor and texture. 

Culinary PolicyCulinary Policy