People & Social Responsibility

People & Social Responsibility 

More than half of global seafood is produced in developing countries. Fishermen, farmers and factory workers are exposed to multiple social risks. Our social policy addresses critical conditions and assures you that all 360° Seafood Selection products are produced responsibly. 

Harvest Sector & Coastal Communities

Catching fish in our oceans can be a hard job. Conditions are tough and locations remote. The same is true for seafood farming. Our policy tackles social risks in the seafood harvest sector and protects human rights and dignity, ensures equitable opportunities for all people involved, and safeguards food and livelihood opportunities in coastal communities.

Harvest Sector Social PolicyHarvest Sector Social Policy

Fair Conditions in Seafood Factories

Respect of human rights and dignity must not stop be left outside seafood factories: As a global commodity product, seafood is often manufactured in low wage countries with potentially critical labor conditions. Our policy ensures that factory workers can work under decent, fair and safe conditions and are paid fairly. Regular independent audits safeguard compliance with international standards of social responsibility.

Processing Sector Social PolicyProcessing Sector Social Policy

Small-Scale Producers and Fair Trade

Half of the global seafood is harvested by small-scale producers. Fishing and farming is often the only source of livelihoods for these people. Our policy addresses the marginalization of small-scale holders and supports the establishment of direct market access and fair trade models for fishing and farming communities.

Fair Trade PolicyFair Trade Policy