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Our Team: Where Passion
meets Profession

Meet our team of seafood professionals and learn
why each of us is passionate about making a difference!

Head Office

Matthias Krebs

Founder | Director


An agronomist by profession, Matthias leads our operations and commercial team and makes sure our products meet customers' expectations. Matthias prefers to spend his free time preparing and enjoying great food and drinks with his family and friends. 

René Benguerel

Founder | Director


An aquatic ecologist with more than 20 years of experience in the seafood industry, René develops strategies and builds projects with producers and NGOs worldwide. When not at work, you will find him sailing with his family or rowing his racing shell. 

Gian Bergamin

Marketing and Sales


Gian holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Marketing and manages our client portfolio in Europe. He is hunter N° 2 in our team - and when the deer are quicker than he thinks, he switches to picking mushrooms instead. 

Simon Sigg

Sourcing and Sales


With a diploma in supply chain management, Simon is well equipped to tackle the challenges of global seafood supply chains. Simon's passion for the hospitality industry makes him the perfect fit for Blueyou's growing business in serving premium hotel chains worldwide. 

Ramon Huwiler

Supply Chain Management


Coming from the retail automotive industry and equipped with a Masters degree in economics, Ramon strives for a continous optimization of our seafood sourcing.  Hunting wild game is Ramon's personal contribution to a world of more sustainable food choices.

Livia Ramazzini

Head of Quality Management


Blessed with the typical Swiss talent of attention to detail and being a food scientist by profession, Livia leads our quality assurance department. Riding her horse is Livia's secret recipe for staying focused. 

Fabian Mollet

Head of Science and Technical


A PhD in fisheries science with 10 years of experience in sustainable seafood projects, Fabian leads our technical team. Our resident polyglot, Fabian enjoys combining disciplines from fisheries science to biology, music and the universe, but he mostly aims to have his work create real world impacts on the ground rather than only in theory. 

Thomas Egli

Fair Trade Program Manager


A Master of Science, marine biologist, and professional wildlife guide by profession, Thomas manages our Fair Trade programs with fishing and farming communities. Being passionate about the future of our oceans, Thomas constantly strives to reduce his personal footprint - by diving with sharks and eating more squid!

Jonas Walker

Fisheries and Aquaculture Development


Jonas holds a master of fish and evolutionary biology and spent considerable time analysing all kinds of fish in all kinds of waters. Now at Blueyou, Jonas can fully live up to his true passion by developing new aquaculture and fisheries improvement projects and making seafood the next climate-friendly protein source.

Global Team

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Who's behind 360°

Blueyou is a global group of companies active in the harvesting, manufacturing and commercialization of sustainable seafood. Blueyou also develops and implements fisheries and aquaculture improvement programs worldwide. 

The Blueyou Team includes seafood business professionals in the field of marine biology, fisheries, aquaculture, food technology, quality assurance and social compliance as well as those in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, marketing and communications.   

Blueyou works within an extensive network, which includes private sector companies such as fishery and farm operators, processors, distributors, retailers and finance institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as scientific research and marine conservation institutions.

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