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Atlantic Salmon

Norway | Farmed | ASC

Salmo salar

Tracking Code A-SAL06E

Product Forms

  • Frozen

  • Fresh

  • Smoked

Product Types

  • Gilled and Gutted (G&G)

  • Fillet Skin-On | Fillet Skin-Off

  • Fillet Portions 

  • Pre-marinated Fillet Portions

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Story of Origin

Our salmon is raised in the cold, clear waters of Norwegian fjords north of the Arctic Circle. Living in net pens in the ecosystem where they originate, the Atlantic Salmon are fed a high quality diet of sustainably-sourced fish meal until they are ready for harvest. The farms are closely monitored so that the pristine waters are not polluted and to prevent animals from escaping while the fish themselves stay healthy.

Origin Profile

  • Type of Origin | Certification

    Aquaculture | ASC

  • Country of Origin


  • Production Area

    Troms and Finmark County

  • Production Method

    Marine Net Pens

  • Type of Operation

    Family owned operation

  • Country of Final Manufacturing and Packing


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Good to Know

Our salmon is raised by a family-owned company that has been farming fish in the fjords of Norway for more than 20 years. The farm pioneered new approaches to mitigate negative effects of salmon farming in the 1990’s by introducing cleaner fish to control sea-lice, achieved organic certification and went on to become the world's first ASC certified salmon farm in 2013. By using sea lice skirts, mechanical (non-chemical) treatment and stronger nets, the use of chemicals and antibiotics has been eliminated and the escape rate of salmon is below 0,02%, which makes our farming partner one of the best performers globally.

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