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Pacific White Shrimp

Vietnam | Farmed | ASC

Litopenaeus vannamei

Tracking Code A-PNV01A

Product Forms

  • Frozen

  • Raw | Cooked

  • Ready to Eat | Value Added

Product Types

  • Head-On Shell-On HOSO 

  • Head-Less Shell-On HLSO

  • Peeled Tail-On PTO

  • Peeled Deveined PD

  • Nobashi

  • Tempura

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Story of Origin

Our team of quality control specialists in Vietnam work closely alongside our shrimp farmers and processors to ensure the highest quality products. Đinh Gia Linh and her sister Khánh regularly test water and feed to uphold our strict sourcing policies through every step from farm, to factory, to delivery. Since we have trusting relationships with our partner processors, our team tests every batch of shrimp before it is shipped from Vietnam.

Origin Profile

  • Type of Origin | Certification

    Aquaculture | ASC

  • Country of Origin


  • Production Area

    Southern Vietnam

  • Production Method

    Intensive Pond Culture 

  • Type of Operation

    Corporate Farming Operation

  • Final Product Manufacturing and Packing


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Good to know

Many consumers are concerned about antibiotics in their shrimp. We take this problem very seriously and have developed a rigorous control system to ensure that the products we deliver are antibiotic free. By testing the shrimp feed in storage and at the pond, as well as the water on the farms, our technicians guarantee the cleanest conditions for shrimp farming. Our team also works in the processing factory to double check the traceability of each shrimp production batch, eliminating the chance of contamination.

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