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Black Tiger Shrimp

Vietnam | Farmed | ASC

Penaeus monodon

Tracking Code A-0101D

Product Forms

  • Frozen 

  • Raw | Cooked

  • Ready to Eat | Value Added

Product Types

  • Head-On Shell-On HOSO

  • Head-Less Shell-On HLSO

  • Peeled Tail-On PTO

  • Peeled Deveined PD

  • Nobashi

  • Tempura

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Story of Origin

Our Black Tiger Shrimp are naturally raised on small-scale, family owned farms. Farmers like Lê Chí Cường rely on the natural productivity of ponds to provide all the nutrition the shrimp need and so don’t use outside food, chemicals, or antibiotics. Planting mangroves on the farm provides hiding places for the shrimp while fighting climate change. The farm’s income supports the five members of Lê Chí Cường's family: “Because we use the natural farming system without chemicals, our shrimp taste great – like wild shrimp”.

Origin Profile

  • Type of Origin | Certification

    Aquaculture | ASC

  • Country of Origin


  • Production Area

    Mekong River Delta

  • Production Method

    Extensive Pond Culture | No Feed

  • Type of Operation

    Small Scale Farming 

  • Country of Final Manufacturing and Packing


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Good to Know

The majority of environmental impacts from shrimp farming is a result of the feed used to grow the animals. The extensive method of farming our black tiger shrimp, however, uses no outside feed since the farms incorporate mangrove trees that provide all the nutrients and shelter that the growing shrimp need. Here, the shrimp feed on their natural foods such as plankton and detritus. As a result, our black tiger shrimp are not only a sustainable seafood choice, but also taste great!

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